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The Value of Follow Up Drug Testing

December 11 , 2013 02:17 pm

When an employee tests positive for drugs or alcohol, many employers will require the completion of a return to duty process or will terminate the employee all together.  With DOT mandated companies, employees in violation of DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations are required to complete a return to duty process with a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and pass a return to duty drug and alcohol test before being eligible to return to safety sensitive duties.  After returning to work, they must also complete a follow-up testing program consisting of a series of drug and alcohol tests spread out over a period of time determined by the SAP.

Follow-up testing can be an effective tool used to encourage sobriety.  WFC and Associates reported that "according to the annual report of one major laboratory, 2.9% of DOT mandated follow-up drug tests were positive in the first half of 2012, while non-DOT mandated follow-up tests were 6.5% positive."

Employment is a powerful reinforcer of positive behavior.  People working to maintain sustained recovery from substance abuse benefit from the structure and accountability of long term follow-up and monitoring.  A well managed second chance policy and program can benefit both the employer and employee.

Laura Lacey Dashner, VP Business Development at ASAP co-presented with Bill Current of WFC and Associates on, "The Value of Follow Up Drug Testing in a World that Says You're Fired!"  The webinar in its entirety is available via the link below.

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