Policy Development

An effective drug and alcohol policy is the key to creating a safe, drug-free workplace. Whether your company is seeking to revise a current policy or develop a new one, the team at ASAP has the experience, industry knowledge and skills to develop an executable and regulatory compliant policy that your company can rely on.


When working with ASAP, our first step in the policy development process is to identify your drug testing objectives and what you hope to achieve. ASAP provides an extensive questionnaire to help accurately identify those drug-testing objectives so your policy will be tailored to your needs.


ASAP supports you whether we are writing a new policy or reviewing an existing policy. It is critical to ensure your policy meets the company’s goals and contains the necessary components of a compliant policy. This service includes:

  • Comprehensive policy section-by-section review
  • Written evaluation with line-by-line recommendations
  • Practical suggestions provided for internal rewrite purposes
  • State-by-state requirements outlined for all applicable states
  • Federal drug and alcohol testing requirements highlighted as needed
  • A follow-up conference call review is conducted
  • Policy strengths and weaknesses are highlighted throughout
  • Missing policy components are explained in detail



ASAP-developed policies are guaranteed to remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations for one year from delivery. During the one-year compliance guarantee period, if an applicable law changes and necessitates revisions to a policy or state amendment, the changes will be made at no extra charge. Additionally, you may call or email ASAP during the one-year compliance guarantee period with questions related to your policy.

ASAP provides the know-how and the tools to make the policies work.

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