Failed a drug or alcohol test? ASAP knows your job is important to you and time sensitive. Get started in the SAP portion of the DOT return-to-duty process in 3 easy steps…

Face-to-Face Initial Evaluation

You begin with a face-to-face clinical evaluation by a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). We strive to offer you an appointment within a few days.

SAP Recommendations

Next, the SAP will recommend education and/or treatment. You must comply with these recommendations to move to the final stage. Your dedicated ASAP case manager will support you throughout the entire process.

Face-to-Face Follow-up Evaluation

Finally, your SAP will conduct a face-to-face follow-up evaluation to determine your eligibility to return to safety-sensitive duty and provide documentation to your Designated Employee Representative (DER) or to you if you are seeking employment.

Not all substance abuse counselors are qualified DOT SAPs. Only a qualified DOT SAP can determine an employee’s eligibility to return to DOT safety-sensitive duty. The ASAP SAP Provider Network includes qualified DOT SAPs at over 5,000 locations. Our quality assurance protocols ensure that each SAP’s credentials are reviewed before they are assigned a DOT case and that each case is handled according to DOT regulatory compliance through our case management services.

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