The Buzz at DATIA 2012

The New Paradigm for Long Term Recovery was the buzz at this year’s DATIA annual conference in San Antonio, TX.  The crowd was engaged by keynote speaker Dr. Robert Dupont, the former White House Drug Czar, founding director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and currently president of the Institute for Behavior and Health.  Dr. Dupont co-authored the influential editorial, “A New Paradigm for Long Term Recovery”, that introduced the January – March 2011 edition of the journal, Substance Abuse.

A timely presentation by ASAP President Reed Morrison, Ph.D., made the case for the DOT SAP Return to Duty Process as a representative model for the New Paradigm.  Morrison’s presentation was well attended by industry professionals including representatives from the FMCSA, FRA and ODAPC.

In short, the New Paradigm for Long Term Recovery focuses on a zero tolerance standard for drugs and alcohol use and calls for treatment programs to include three elements: a long-term course of treatment, careful and aggressive monitoring of substance use and swift and effective delivery of consequences for relapse. Dr. Morrison provided evidence that the DOT SAP Return to Duty process delivers on all three, making it a powerful, effective framework for reinforcing, shaping and maintaining long term recovery.

Interested in learning more about the SAP Return to Duty Process and how it demonstrates the New Paradigm?  ASAP has created an online course base on Dr. Morrison’s presentation.


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