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5 Top Reasons to become a SAP/SAE

  • Generate additional income
  • Diversify your skill set and practice
  • Engage with new population of clients
  • Growth opportunities
  • ASAP Support Team

Are you a licensed or certified physician, psychologist, social worker, EAP professional, marriage and family therapist or drug and alcohol counselor? Have you thought about becoming a qualified Substance Abuse Professional/Expert, but don’t know where to start and what steps to take? ASAP offers qualification courses and discounted exam access to help you become a SAP/SAE. ASAP is listed on the DOT Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy Compliance website as a "SAP Training Resource".

American Substance Abuse Professionals provides you the guidance and support for qualification training and/or qualification exam under;

  • Department of Transportation
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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