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  • The Great American Smokeout

    November 12 , 2012 03:38 pm
    Quit Smoking

    The 37th Great American Smokeout will be on Thursday, November 15th.  The annual event sponsored by The American Cancer Society aims to encourage smokers to kick the habit.  Nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive.  Smoking can lead to numerous health problems including cancer, heart disease and emphysema.

  • Drive Safely Work Week

    October 02 , 2012 03:45 pm
    Back to Basics

    Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW) is an annual campaign which focuses on the fundamental skills necessary to being a safe work-place driver.  Each day of the campaign, which goes from October 1st – 5th, highlights a key area of importance including seatbelt safety, driver fatigue, distracted driving, parking, and collision prevention.

  • FMCSA Improves CSA Program

    October 01 , 2012 03:50 pm
    Safety cones

    The FMCSA announced new updates to its Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) enforcement program.  The goal is to more quickly identify and address the “high-risk” truck and bus companies with compliance concerns.  The changes to be implemented in December 2012 are aimed at providing the FMCSA with more precise information when assessing a company’s over-the-road safety performance.  Some of the updates include:

  • ASAP Is Gearing Up for the World EAP Conference

    October 01 , 2012 03:48 pm
    EAPA 2012

    This year, the Annual World EAP Conference sponsored by the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) will be held in Baltimore, MD on October 17-20th.  ASAP is a proud Silver sponsor at this year’s conference and will exhibit at booth #220.  ASAP is hosting the Breakfast in the EAPA Marketplace on Thursday morning.  Our team will be on hand to share information and answer questions about ASAP products and services.  Also, ASAP is excited to show off a bit of Baltimore by hosting private tours of Camden Yards.  Attendees can sign up at the ASAP booth #220

  • Smiles Can Be Dangerous!

    October 01 , 2012 03:47 pm

    Smiles or 2C-I is one of the latest synthetic drugs that has gained popularity and has been associated with the recent deaths of two teens in North Dakota.  The synthetic drug which has no approved medical use in the US is taken orally in tablet form, on blotter paper or snorted for its hallucinogenic effects.  The chemical substance, 4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, produces stimulus effects similar to those produced by LSD and MDMA (a common ingredient found in Ecstasy). 

  • ASAP is On The Move

    October 01 , 2012 03:43 pm
    Moving box

    For nearly 28 years, American Substance Abuse Professionals has made its home in the historic Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, MD.  With the change of the season, the time has also come for ASAP to make a change.  The company is packing up and moving to a new location.  The distance is a short four miles away but the scenery will be quite different.  So, making the adjustment to a more quiet and private location may take some getting used to.  ASAP is excited for the move and hopes to have many successful years in the new location.  After this week, ASAP can

  • NHTSA Updates Conforming Products List for Alcohol Testing Devices

    August 07 , 2012 03:56 pm
    Alcohol and keys

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently amended the Conforming Products List (CPL) for two types of alcohol testing devices.

    In June 2012, the NHTSA updated the CPL for instruments that conform to the Model Specifications for Screening Devices which measure alcohol in bodily fluids.  The new instruments for screening devices include: AlcoMate SafeGuard Model AL-2500 (AlcoScan AL-2500), DRIVESAFE, BACTRACK Element, BACTRACK S75 Pro, Alcovisor MARS, CA2012, AT577, AT578, AT579

  • ASAP CEO Participates in SAE Panel Discussion

    August 07 , 2012 03:54 pm

    ASAP CEO Reed Morrison, Ph.D. was a participating panelist on the SAE Panel Discussion presented to the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Access Authorization and Fitness-for Duty Workshop.  The workshop is an annual event that was held this year in Miami, FL, July 23 -25.  

  • FTA Explains the Difference Between Saying "No" and a "Refusal To Test"

    August 07 , 2012 03:52 pm
    Urine test

    In their most recent newsletter the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) offered clarification regarding  a “refusal to test” on a pre-employment drug screen.  The article stated thatall persons applying for or being transferred to a safety sensitive position under the FTA are required to submit to  pre-employment drug screening.  Prior to the test, employers are required to inform the applicant in writing about the testing requirements (§ 655.17).  Applicants may decide to withdraw from the hiring process before the test commences without being considered to have r

  • ASAP Welcomed Guest Speaker Dr. Kristine Hitchens

    July 16 , 2012 04:01 pm

    In June 25 ASAP welcomed guest speaker Dr. Kristine Hitchens.  Dr. Hitchens presented on the impact of substance abuse on the family.  With extensive experience in the field of substance abuse and social work, Dr. Hitchens delivered first-hand accounts of the damaging effects that addiction has on a family.  ASAP team-members gained insight on current treatment techniques and counseling used to help families deal with substance abuse addiction.

  • The FAA Aims to Combine Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

    July 16 , 2012 03:59 pm

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a notice of proposed rulemaking on July 2, 2012.    According to the Federal Register, “This rulemaking would allow air carrier operators and commuter or on-demand operators that also conduct commercial air tour operations to combine the drug and alcohol testing required for each operation into one testing program.”

  • Congress Passes the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012

    July 16 , 2012 03:58 pm
    Synthetic Drug Ban

    Addressing the threat of synthetic drugs, the US Congress passed the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012.  It is part of the larger Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act. The act classifies synthetic drugs as Schedule 1 in the Controlled Substances Act.  The list of banned synthetic substances includes mephedrone, mdpv (commonly found in Bath Salts), cannabimimetic agents and nine synthetic pyschedelics.  On Monday, July 9th the act was signed into law by President Obama.

  • MRO Visits ASAP to Present on Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures

    June 06 , 2012 04:03 pm

    In May ASAP welcomed drug testing industry veteran Dr. Christian Jensen.  Dr. Jensen shared with ASAP team members, details on the DOT drug testing procedures and his insight on the progression of the industry over the years.  Dr Jensen is an experienced Certified Physician Executive and Clinician. He served as Medical Director of the Western Integrity Center for Computer Sciences Corporation and Chief Executive Officer of the Delmarva Foundation.

  • High Dose Painkillers Lead to High Costs and Delayed Recovery

    June 06 , 2012 04:01 pm
    pills with bottle

    In recent years, opioid painkillers have emerged as a major cost driver.  The high costs impact employers, who endure increased worker’s compensation claims and decreased productivity.  According to a article citing a 2010 analysis by Accident Fund Holdings (a Workers Compensation Insurance TPA), “when medical care and disability payments are combined the cost  of a workplace injury is nine times higher when a strong narcotic such as OxyContin is used than when a narcotic is not used.”

  • DOT Amends Drug Testing Procedures for Heroin Metabolite 6-AM

    June 05 , 2012 04:06 pm

    Morphine, an alkaloid found in opium can be detected in the body after the use of opioids such as codein, heroin and morphine sulfate.  6-acetylmorphine (6-AM) is a metabolite that is unique to only heroin.   Its presence in urine indicates recent use of the drug. 

  • FRA Proposes Adding New Substances to Post Accident Tests

    June 05 , 2012 04:04 pm
    Railroad Crossing

    On May 17, 2012, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) issued a notice of proposed rule-making (NPRM) to add potentially impairing non-controlled substances to its standard post-accident testing panel. 

    According to FRA research, prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drug use has become prevalent among railroad employees.  Specifically targeted in the proposal are sedating antihistamines and tramadol which is a synthetic opioid.  It is believed that the use of these substances can cause impairment while performing safety sensitive functions.

  • A Public Health Approach to National Drug Control

    May 01 , 2012 07:45 am
    drugs and justice

    On April 17th the Obama Administration released the 2012 National Drug Control Strategy.  The goal of strategy is to be a blueprint for reducing drug use and its consequences.    According to the document, “Illicit drug use in America contributed to an estimated $193 billion in crime, health, and lost productivity costs in 2007.”  The 2012 National Drug Control Strategy is based on the premise that drug addiction is a treatable and preventable chronic brain disease.  It focuses on addressing the problem through a public health approach ba

  • The Buzz at DATIA 2012

    May 01 , 2012 07:43 am

    The New Paradigm for Long Term Recovery was the buzz at this year’s DATIA annual conference in San Antonio, TX.  The crowd was engaged by keynote speaker Dr. Robert Dupont, the former White House Drug Czar, founding director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and currently president of the Institute for Behavior and Health.  Dr. Dupont co-authored the influential editorial, “A New Paradigm for Long Term Recovery”, that introduced the January – March 2011 edition of the journal, Substance Abuse.

  • DOT Issues A Reminder of Important 40 CFR Part 40 Regulations

    April 12 , 2012 07:46 am
    Regulatory Reminder

    On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, the DOT issued a reminder about important 40 CFR Part 40 regulatory requirements to Medical Review Officers (MROs), Consortia/Third Party Administrators (C/TPAs), collectors and employers.  The following are the key points.

  • Have You Met Molly?

    April 03 , 2012 07:51 am

    Molly, derived from the word molecule is commonly used as a recreational drug.  The chemical make-up is 4-Methylmethcathinone (4-MMC) and 4-Methyl-N-Ethylcathinone (4-MEC) or MDMA.  4-MMC and 4-MEC are controlled substance analogues of methcathinone, a Schedule I controlled substance.  Molly, is MDMA that is sold in powered or crystallized form.  When MDMA is sold as a tablet it is commonly sold as “Ecstasy.”

  • 5 Tips for Successful DOT Random Testing

    April 03 , 2012 07:49 am
    Helpful tips

    Companies that are required to conduct random drug and alcohol testing under the DOT are subject to many rules to ensure compliance throughout the process.  Listed below are a few tips to help complete the random testing process successfully.

  • ASAP President to Present at the DATIA 2012 Conference

    April 03 , 2012 07:47 am
    ASAP Presenter

    Reed Morrison, Ph.D. will deliver a presentation on Thursday, April 19th to the attendees of this year’s annual DATIA Conference.  The conference which will be held on April 18th - 20th in San Antonio, TX is a gathering of drug and alcohol testing industry professionals and vendors.  Dr. Morrison’s workshop is entitled “The New Paradigm and the DOT SAP Return to Duty Process: An Interview with Sandra Sapp.”

  • An Herbal Remedy May Be the Answer to Alcoholism

    March 05 , 2012 07:55 am

    Scientists have been testing a new treatment for alcoholism.

  • DEA Extends Temporary Schedule I Classification of Synthetic Cannabinoids

    March 05 , 2012 07:54 am

    The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a final rule extending the temporary placement of five synthetic cannabinoids into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.  Along with the banned cannabinoids are the salts, isomers and salts of isomers related to the substances.  The extension of this temporary placement comes at the expiration of a previous temporary scheduling which expired on February 29, 2012.  The ruling will extend the scheduling to August 29, 2012 or until rulemaking proceedings are completed, whichever is shorter. 

  • ASAP to Co-Present During BIG Initiative SBIRT Education Webinar

    March 05 , 2012 07:52 am

    ASAP VP of Business Development, Laura Dashner will co-present during a BIG Initiative SBIRT Education webinar.  The one-hour webinar entitled EAP, SBIRT and DOT-Covered Employees will outline methods for recognizing special considerations for following SBIRT protocols with DOT-covered employees, action steps to take in the event of a DOT rule violation, and strategies for dealing with voluntary disclosure of substance use problems with DOT-covered employees.  The online event is scheduled for Thursday, March 29th from 3PM to 4PM.

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