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  • Overdoses Are Increasing In the U.S. Over Covid-19

    January 06 , 2021 07:26 am
    overdose increase in COVID

    By: Jessica Gold, Healthcare

  • Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD): When Drinking Becomes A Headache

    January 05 , 2021 03:43 pm
    alcohol use disorder

    By: Delvensight

  • Drug Clearinghouse Deadline Nears for Fleets and Owner-operators

    January 05 , 2021 03:08 pm
    compliance with FMCSA Clearinghouse

    Josh Fisher, American Trucker

    With the new year comes the second full year of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations’ Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, the national database of commercial driver substance violations created to remove loopholes that allowed violators to continue operating trucks. According to data from the first 10 months of its existence, thousands of fleets and owner-operators still need to register with the database or face non-compliance repercussions.

  • Refusal to Test on the Rise for FMCSA Drivers in 2020

    December 28 , 2020 08:18 am
    DOT drug and alcohol testing keeps roadways safe


  • New Jersey Votes to Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana. What Might That Mean in the Workplace?

    December 04 , 2020 09:11 am
    legalizing marijuana and the workplace

    By; Ty Hyderally

    For the first time in New Jersey, voters approved the use of recreational marijuana for those who are ages twenty-one and older, in hopes of generating both jobs and revenue for the state. This will undoubtedly lead to a plethora of questions concerning whether, in the workplace, employees who test positive for drug use may thereafter be retaliated against or terminated.

  • FDA Requiring Labeling Changes for Benzodiazepines

    December 04 , 2020 08:55 am
    fda labeling changes

    By: FDA

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today in a Drug Safety Communication that it is requiring an update to the Boxed Warning, the agency’s most prominent safety warning, and requiring class-wide labeling changes for benzodiazepines to include the risks of abuse, misuse, addiction, physical dependence and withdrawal reactions to help improve their safe use.

  • Pitfalls to Creating a SAP List

    November 30 , 2020 09:49 am
    pitfalls creating a sap list

    By ASAP

  • FAA Notice of Enforcement Discretion for Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

    November 10 , 2020 03:31 pm
    airplane terminal

    Notice from the FAA

  • Implications of Substance Use Disorders for employers

    November 03 , 2020 11:58 am
    substance use disorder

    By: National Safety Council

    From opioids to alcohol, prescription medications to recreational drugs, impairment is a serious issue facing today’s workplace. In fact, 75% of adults with a substance use disorder are in the workforce. More than 72,000 people died of a drug overdose in 2017, and more than two thirds of those deaths involved opioids.

  • How to keep drugs out of the workplace

    November 03 , 2020 11:45 am
    drugs at work

    By: David Sparkman, EHS Today

    Recent reports show that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, drugs and alcohol abuse has skyrocketed and remains a significant occupational safety challenge for employers. Add to that the changing state laws regarding marijuana use, and it’s clear that employers need to act now to update their organizations’ drug policies.

  • Working on addiction in the workplace

    November 03 , 2020 07:22 am
    working at home

    By: John F. Kelly, PhD, Harvard Health Publishing

    When unaddressed, alcohol and other drug use disorders in the workplace are costly and dangerous for organizations, as well as individuals. There are many good examples of successful programs and resources available that can help, and with over 22 million Americans currently in recovery from alcohol and other drug use disorders, creating a drug-free workplace is entirely possible.

  • Driver Records: What Information is Reported to the Clearinghouse?

    October 20 , 2020 07:14 am
    angry man

    FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

    The FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse contains information on all violations of the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program incurred by drivers who hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or commercial learner’s permit (CLP). These violations include:

  • Drug Testing: How Both Employers and Employees Benefit

    October 02 , 2020 11:23 am
    drug testing pills

    By William Current, EHS Today

  • Have You Conducted Your FMCSA Clearinghouse Annual Inquires?

    October 01 , 2020 02:12 pm
    computer transport

    By ASAP

    What is the FMCSA Clearinghouse?

    Since the early 1990s, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has used drug and alcohol testing to monitor safety-sensitive transportation employees to ensure our Nation’s safety. To further enhance public safety, congress mandated the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a mode of the DOT, to launch a Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse by January 6, 2020.

  • Work From Home’s Impact on Drug Testing

    September 30 , 2020 09:20 am
    work from home

    By Jared Rosenthal, EHS Today

    There are many aspects of both our work and personal lives that have changed since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many non-essential companies and workers quickly pivoted into remote work, otherwise known as “work from home” (WFH). More than 40 million Americans have lost their jobs. Companies are dealing with many critical changes that they are struggling to adapt to. Ensuring that long-standing employment drug testing policies are adjusted for a dramatically changed work environment is one of those crucial matters.

  • Sandra Serrano Announced SAPAA President for 2020-2021

    September 14 , 2020 01:12 pm
    Sandra Serrano

    Congratulations to Sandra Serrano, SAPAA President 2020-2021. Sandra has been an active member of the SAPAA Board of Directors since 2016. As a Board member, she has utilized her experience to help further SAPAA’s mission to promote the highest standards of quality and integrity in the field. As the Membership Committee Chairperson, she lead monthly meetings to discuss  goals, benchmarks, and progress. Sandra also serves on the Conference and Government Relations Committees, as well on a sub-committee on the FMCSA Clearinghouse.

  • American Workers are Failing Drug Tests at the Highest Rate in 16 years

    September 04 , 2020 12:22 pm
    head in hands

    By Graham Rapier, Business Insider

    American workers subjected to drug tests at work tested positive at the highest rate in 16 years in 2019, according to one of the largest testing providers, despite growing public support for legalized marijuana.

    Quest Diagnostics said Tuesday that workforce drug positivity rates hit 4.5% in 2019, the highest since 2003. The company says the coronavirus pandemic — which shows no signs of stopping soon in the US — likely accelerated some substance use.

  • Links Between Addiction and Mental Illness: Myths vs. Facts

    September 04 , 2020 07:26 am
    smoke face

    By Robert Yagoda, US News

    We've seen it before, whether on screen or in our own lives: A friend, co-worker, loved one or even an acquaintance can't grapple with day-to-day life, and reaches for something perilously strong in liquid or powder form in order to help them cope. Fade to black.

  • Fleets Can Support Drivers’ Mental Health Through Awareness, Communication

    September 03 , 2020 07:20 am
    mental health

    By Transport Topics

    Truck drivers sometimes bear the image of being “tough” and impervious to emotional stresses, a perception that doesn’t always lend itself to open discussions about mental health. But truckers and their employers are working to change that image and pay greater attention to mental health and how it influences workers’ overall well-being — as well as work performance.

  • FMCSA Clearinghouse Requires Annual Queries

    August 31 , 2020 10:32 am
    truck drivers

    The FMCSA Clearinghouse requires employers to conduct annual queries by January 5, 2021. Per § 382.701, employers of CDL drivers must conduct a query of the Clearinghouse at least once per year for each CDL driver they employ.

    The annual query requirement is tracked on a rolling 12-month basis. The one-year time frame resets with each query conducted on a driver. For example, if an employer conducted a query for Driver A on July 6, 2020, the employer is not required to query Driver A again until July 7, 2021, to meet the annual query requirement.

  • How to Prepare for a SAP Evaluation

    August 07 , 2020 03:37 pm
    bath salts

    By ASAP

    When a Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated employee refuses a drug/alcohol test or tests positive, they are required to complete the Return-to-Duty process before returning to safety-sensitive job duties. The first step in the process is to be evaluated by a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). If you find yourself in this position, how do you prepare? Here is a quick guide from American Substance Abuse Professionals, Inc. (ASAP).

  • Weed is Not Good for Your Heart, Studies Say

    August 06 , 2020 11:58 am
    rolling a joint

    By Sandra LaMotte, CNN

    You may love smoking weed, but it does not love your heart, according to the American Heart Association's new scientific statement on marijuana.

  • Pot tops Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse’s Positive Drug Test List

    August 05 , 2020 10:05 am
    marijuana cigarette

    By Chuck Robinson, Land Line


    Marijuana users, a monthly report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse has a none-too-subtle warning for you.

  • Breaking Down Common Clearinghouse Misconceptions

    August 05 , 2020 09:37 am
    marijuana in hands

    By Cristina Commendatore, American Trucker

    Although the industry knew the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse was inevitable, less than three months into the new rule, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and created additional confusion.

  • CBD Products May Not Be as Intoxicant-Free As Drivers Think, DOT Warns

    August 03 , 2020 07:12 am
    CBD Oil

    By: Sebastian Blanco, Car and Driver

    The feds warn commercial drivers that it could show up on drug tests, saying many CBD products do contain some THC, the psychoactive part of marijuana, even if it's not supposed to be there.

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