Use of CBD Products Cause Positive Drug Test

FAA Notice of Enforcement Discretion for Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

By: Association of Flight Attendants

Our foremost responsibility is ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew we serve daily.  As dedicated professionals in the air transportation industry, it is paramount that we strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Department of Transportation (DOT), particularly those concerning drug testing.

We would like to emphasize the seriousness of this matter. Regardless of state approvals on medical or recreational marijuana use, a positive test result for THC (found in marijuana) will classify a Flight Attendant as a test violator. It is essential to understand that there are no exceptions, whether you intentionally smoked marijuana or accidentally consumed an edible containing THC.

Equally important to note is that there will be no allowances or exceptions for medicinal uses, incidental ingestion from second-hand smoke, or unknowingly consuming food containing marijuana.

Moreover, for those considering or currently using CBD products, it’s crucial to know that a positive result from CBD use will also be considered a violation. Despite the legal availability of many CBD products, the presence of THC, regardless of its source, will render a test positive. Given the current unregulated nature of CBD oil production, claims suggesting that specific products won’t result in a positive test could be misleading. There isn’t enough research to definitively state how much or how often one can consume a low THC concentration CBD product without testing positive.

Should you have additional questions or need support, your Local EAP/FADAP representatives are available at or by calling 800-424-2406.

Association of Flight Attendants (Aug. 2023). Article retrieved from United AFA News.


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