Device Will Aid Roadside Testing for Drug Use

roadside drug testing

By: Daily Reporter

The Hancock County Traffic Safety Partnership is among 52 police entities in the state that are being equipped with a new roadside tool that can detect the presence of cocaine, opiates, cannabis and other drugs.

The device, called the SoToxa Mobile Test System, is a handheld analyzer that uses an oral fluid swab to detect the presence of drugs. Results are available roadside within five minutes.

Officers will begin using the devices in the field this month.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, which is providing the devices to the agencies, says a survey shows nearly half of fatally injured drivers with known results tested positive for drugs in 2016, up from 28% a decade ago.

“Impaired driving, whether it’s drugs, alcohol or prescription medications, continues to be a major concern,” said Maj. Robert Campbell, chief deputy of the sheriff’s department. “SoToxa will enhance our ability to hold dangerous drivers accountable and keep road users safe. We look forward to using this technology in the field.”

Daily Reporter. (2021). Device Will Aid Roadside Testing for Drug Use.


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