National Nurses Month 2020

National Nurses Month 2020

By American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

As part of the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” celebration, the American Nurses Association “will expand National Nurses Week, traditionally celebrated from May 6 to May 12 each year, to a month-long celebration in May to expand opportunities to elevate and celebrate nursing.”


Week 1 - Self Care, May 1-9 Week 1: Self Care (May 1-9, 2020)

Start the month with mindful self-recognition. Focus on yours and others’ emotional and physical well-being by encouraging and challenging yourself, colleagues and friends to engage in healthier activities. CRNAs: Visit AANA COVID-19 Well-being Resources

Week 2 - Recognition, May 10-16 Week 2: Recognition (May 10-16, 2020)

Raise visibility of the critical work nurses do and foster greater understanding of the diversity of the nursing profession by honoring exemplary nurses and engaging with your community. CRNAs: Give a shout out to mentors and those who inspire you on social media. Write a note of appreciation. Send a gift card in gratitude. Put a flower with a note on their car windshield. Also, for remembering special nurses, check out the Kansas State Nurses Association’s “The Nightingale Tribute” – Remembering a Nurse.

Week 3 - Professional Development, May 17-23 Week 3: Professional Development (May 17-23, 2020)

Focus on how you can excel and lead in your nursing career or inspire and help others in their professional nursing journey. CRNAs: Explore the new CRNA Knowledge Network and AANA Learn opportunities.

Week 4 - Community Engagement Week 4: Community Engagement (May 24-31, 2020)

Help promote nurses’ invaluable contributions by engaging with your community, educating them on what nurses do, and encouraging future nurses. CRNAs: Take advantage of Public Relations Resources (member login required).


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