FMCSA’s Clearinghouse Scheduled to be Implemented January 6, 2020

The FMCSA’s Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is scheduled to be implemented January 6, 2020.  This month, FMCSA has activated a Clearinghouse website ( that provides information about the clearinghouse, a timetable for its implementation, questions and answers for all users of the Clearinghouse, and opportunities for users of the Clearinghouse to subscribe for future email notifications about the Clearinghouse.  The website states that Clearinghouse users will be able to register for the Clearinghouse starting in the Fall 2019.  Employers, MROs, SAPs, TPAs, and other authorized users of the Clearinghouse are encouraged to sign up to receive notification of when registration will be active and details concerning the registration process, including user fees.

Some of the information on the new Clearinghouse website has been made available previously (e.g. overview documents, frequently asked questions and answers, and fact sheets); however, the announcement of Fall 2019 registration and the opportunity to subscribe for email notifications are new.  A PDF fact sheet is available for download on the clearinghouse website.

FMCSA plans to hold industry briefings and discussions with Clearinghouse user groups throughout 2019, including a presentation at the SAPAA Annual Conference in September.


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