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The Dangers of the Holiday Season

December 05 , 2017 09:22 am

The holiday season, between Thanksgiving and New Year's in the United States, is the most dangerous season of the year for those trying to maintain sobriety and anyone driving on the public highways.

There are more alcohol-related traffic fatalities during the Holiday season than any other time of the year in the United States.

Use a Designated Driver

If you, or someone you know, is planning on celebrating the holidays by drinking alcoholic beverages, using a designated driver is a smart move.

If you are hosting a holiday party, you might consider having a safe holiday party to protect your guests.

To raise the awareness of the problem of drinking and driving during the holiday, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have established a Tie One on for Safety ribbon program to encourage the public to become actively involved in the fight against drunk driving.

Staying Sober During the Holidays

For many, the problem during the holidays is not to avoid drinking and driving, it's to avoid drinking at all. The holiday season, between Thanksgiving and News Year's Day, can be the most difficult time for alcoholics and their families.

Hamish White, a certified alcoholism and drug dependency counselor, who has his own addiction practice called Recovery Counseling Services in North Toronto, offers these tips for maintaining sobriety during the holidays. Gregg C., another counselor at the Crossroads Centre in Antigua, West Indies, offers suggestions for dealing with the holidays for those new to recovery.

Holiday Tips from Others

Readers over the years have shared their personal tips on dealing with the pressures of the Holiday Season. Click on their names to read their suggestions. More holiday ideas are listed in Part II.

Celebrate and Have Fun!

The holidays are a time to have fun, and that can be accomplished without alcohol.

There are many ways to have fun without drinking and have a safe and sober holiday.

For those you know who are in recovery - to encourage them through the holidays - there are many online recovery gift shops available where you can find that special gift for that special person.

Have a safe and happy holiday! Learn More


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