ASAP Marks 25 Years of Support of Public Safety



American Substance Abuse Professionals, Inc. (ASAP) is proud to announce that 2022 marks our 25th anniversary of support for public safety. ASAP was the nation’s first provider wholly dedicated to DOT compliance services and the mission of drug-free workplaces, utilizing a nationwide network of DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professionals and exceptional case management services. ASAP is owned and operated by DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) with a primary focus on the quality and integrity of our services in support of maintaining drug free workplaces.

During the first 20 years, ASAP was nurtured and developed by our founder Dr. Reed Morrison, PhD. Dr. Morrison began his career in 1973 developing and implementing innovative treatment modalities through his program, the Janus Center. In 1984, Dr. Morrison shifted his focus to the EAP world with Janus Associates. In 1995, the Department of Transportation implemented 49 CFR Part 40 which outlined a Return to Duty process for safety sensitive employees. In response, Dr. Morrison incorporated American Substance Abuse Professionals, Inc in 1997.

Throughout the last 25 years, ASAP has continued in Dr. Morrison’s spirit of innovation, responsiveness, and integrity, adding services in support of workplace safety such as educational support for SAPs and employers, Nuclear Regulatory Commission SAE (Substance Abuse Expert) services and HIMS case management for FAA clients.

ASAP found that 86% of employees in the DOT Return to Duty (RTD) process who were recommended to a treatment program successfully completed it. Clearly, the RTD process not only supports public/workplace safety, but also creates a unique opportunity for individual recovery. ASAP ultimately partnered with the John Hopkins University Center for Learning and Health on three studies of substance use disorder treatment focused on contingency management. ASAP treatment completion success rates have persisted year after year and reinforced for ASAP that our services are a vital support to our nation’s transportation and energy industries and to employees seeking recovery.

ASAP began a new chapter in 2018 when Laura Lacey Dashner, LCSW and DOT Qualified SAP, became the CEO and President. Ms. Dashner started with ASAP in 2003, eventually becoming COO from 2013 to 2018. Over the last 4 years, the world has faced truly unprecedented change. ASAP is proud to say that we have weathered these changing times, not only intact, but thriving. We made major improvements in our technology and systems that allows us to continue to support workplace safety. We downsized our physical office space and became to a geographically diverse remote workforce. ASAP enters our 25th year with the same attitude of innovation, responsiveness, and integrity that has driven us forward since 1997. We look forward to the future as we continue to grow and provide vital services to companies and individuals. Visit for more information. #worksafely


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