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ASAP Launches A New Training- written by Reed Morrison, Ph. D., President & CEO, American Substance Abuse Professionals

September 08 , 2015 11:30 am
SAP Qualification

Our new training, written by, Reed Morrison, Ph. D., President & CEO of ASAP,  "Epigenetics of Substance Use Disorders: An Introduction for the Curious SAP" is now available on our training portal. Earn 6 CEUs and learn about the role epigenetics plays in treatment options. This course is an introduction to the role of epigenetics in Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) and the promise epigenetic research holds for future treatment options. Epigenetics offers an important  piece of the SUD “puzzle”. This course is designed for the SAP who recognizes the multi-faceted etiology and expressions of SUDs and understands that a meaningful grasp of the substance abuse field as a whole is achieved through appreciation of its complexities. It is intended to be an overview and a resource for further study.

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