Will we see you at DATIA, Booth #29, on June 2-4?

Laura Dashner, COO & Executive VP at ASAP will be speaking on June 4th. Employer Intervention: Protecting the Workplace by Saving Lives.

The DOT/SAP Return-to-duty process does provide a powerful superstructure that organizes and optimizes a strategically sequenced evaluation, treatment and follow-up testing regimen. This training makes the case that this superstructure falls within the domain of a Contingency Management (CM) intervention environment. It documents and describes the Return-to-Duty process in CM intervention terms and offers explanations for its high treatment completion rates. Key learning objectives include:

  • 3 Characteristics of effective substance abuse treatment
  • Research supporting contingency management in treating substance abuse
  • Main components of the DOT/SAP Return-to-duty process
  • Roles of a DOT/SAP
  • Reasons that follow-up treatment and testing lead to successful outcomes in the DOT/SAP Return-to-duty process


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