Drug Testing vs. Drug Testing Program

Drug-free workplace has become a common term with human resource and safety managers. Most professionals agree that with drug and alcohol abuse accounting for 65% of on-the-job accidents, there is a need for drug testing to be an integral part of the workplace. But what is the difference between drug testing and having a drug testing program?

Components of a Drug Testing Program:

  1. A Written Policy
    1. Should be tailored to specific needs of company
    2. Why policy is being implemented
    3. Clear description of prohibited behavior and the consequences for violating the policy
    4. Understanding by executive management and supervisors as to why this policy is important and a commitment to enforce it
  2. Access to Assistance
    1. Employees receive education about the policy, consequences, their rights, drug and alcohol information
    2. Access to resource file for employees to gain information regarding community-based resources, treatment programs and helplines if an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are not available
  3. Employee Education
    1. Trainings to educate on drug and alcohol awareness
    2. What it means to work in a drug- free workplace
    3. Impact of drugs and alcohol on personal as well as workplace environments
    4. Reinforcing education through a variety of channels
  4. Supervisor training
    1. Training tailored towards management and how to handle employees with regards to the drug and alcohol policy
    2. Documenting incidents
    3. How to refer a troubled employee to available resources to receive help
  5. Drug Testing
    1. Employers must consider who will be tested, which drugs will be tested for, how and when the drug tests will be conducted
    2. Be familiar with state and federal laws

To learn more about drug testing program, visit: http://ohsonline.com/Articles/2014/09/01/Drug-Testing-and-Safety.aspx?admgarea=news&m=2&Page=1


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