ASAP on Vapes and e-cigarettes

Vape shops are popping up all around the country. E-cigarette ads seem to be on every other page of magazines. These two devices are advertised as an altertative to tobacco cigarettes but they are also being used to smoke THC. 

So what is difference between the two? Essentially, nothing but cosmetics. Vape pens are specfically designed to vaporize THC. They can be used with dry herbs, oils, liquids and even waxes. Depending on the particular form of THC, there are varying types of vape pens that can be used. E-cigarettes do the same but are painted or constructed to look like a tobacco cigarette. Neither device produce a detectable ordor and both use the same technology. 

As of today, e-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA and can be sold to anyone of any age. In the upcoming months, it will be interesting to follow the legislation on these devices to see if they become regulated. 

Read more about FDA’s take on e-cigarettes. 

Information courtsey of ViewPoint- On the Scene. 


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