What is the Return To Duty SAP Process?

The Return to Duty SAP Process is required when a DOT regulated safety-sensitive employee is found to be in violation of a DOT mandated drug and/or alcohol test.  A violation occurs when an employee fails a mandated DOT drug test for a prohibited substance or refuses to take the test.  In the event of a violation, the employee must immediately be removed from all safety-sensitive functions and is required to successfully complete the Return to Duty SAP Process in order to regain eligibility to return to safety-sensitive duty for a previous or future employer.

The Return to Duty Process begins with a face-to-face substance abuse evaluation conducted by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) that has met the credential and training requirements set by the Department of Transportation (49 CFR Part 40).  The SAP must make treatment and/or education recommendations for the employee.  Once the employee has successfully complied with the recommendations, a follow-up face-to-face DOT SAP evaluation is scheduled with the same SAP.  Based upon the follow-up evaluation, the SAP issues a written determination of the employee’s eligibility (or ineligibility) to perform a safety sensitive job.

The employee’s eligibility status is contingent upon negative DOT return to duty test results.  The decision to hire or return the eligible employee to work is at the discretion of the employer.

When there is a violation of the drug and alcohol testing rules, employers are required to provide each employee (including applicants and new employees) who is in violation with a listing of readily available SAPs that includes names, addresses and telephone numbers. (DOT 49 CFR Part 40.287)

ASAP maintains a nationwide network of DOT qualified SAPs who are ready and available for service.  For more information about the SAP process or to learn how ASAP can provide your company or employees with access to a local SAP contact 888.792.2727 x 177.


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