FMCSA Launches the SaferBus App

In an effort to protect consumers from bus companies that are providing interstate transportation illegally, the FMCSA launched the SaferBus app for consumer use.  App users will have easy access to the data that the FMCSA has made publicly available online on its Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) website.  The data includes up to 24 months of safety performance records of bus companies as well as U.S. DOT/FMCSA investigations of the company’s safety practices.

SaferBus displays a bus company’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) results organized by Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs).  Several safety categories are monitored including unsafe driving, fatigued driving, driver fitness, controlled substances/alcohol and vehicle maintenance.  Consumers are alerted to bus companies with unsatisfactory safety ratings, those companies that have been placed out of service or that do not have operating authority.  The FMCSA issues three levels of ratings, satisfactory, conditional and unsatisfactory.  The free app is available for download on the iPhone and Android.


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