An Herbal Remedy May Be the Answer to Alcoholism

Scientists have been testing a new treatment for alcoholism. The herbal flavonoid dihydromyricetin (DHM), which is extracted from the plant Hovenia is the active ingredient in a Chinese herbal remedy for hangovers.  DHM has been examined in a series of laboratory animal experiments.   According to the studies DHM reversed alcohol intoxication, prevented alcohol tolerance and reduced alcohol intake in animals that had been trained to prefer alcohol.  Additionally, the testing revealed that DHM reduced the likelihood of seizures and made the anxiety associated with withdrawal from alcohol more tolerable.  It is believed that “DHM can block multiple effects of alcohol without causing impairment or dependence itself.”1 DHM is still in the testing phase and is not currently available as a prescription treatment for alcohol.

Resource: “A Possible New Treatment for Alcoholism,” Journal Watch Psychiatry February 17, 2012


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