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  • This is Your Brain on Drugs: Why Still Test for Cannabis-Live Webinar, presented by, Reed A. Morrison, Ph.D. and Nina French

    August 29, 2017

    LIVE Webinar

    As the current trend toward marijuana begins to steer employers away from drug testing for marijuana, careful consideration of the true effects of cannabis must be addressed.  The reality is that we can't rest on what we used to know about marijuana.  Today's drugs are not what they were 30 years ago. We have all heard it said that marijuana is "not addictive" and therefore poses little or no threat.  If that is the case then why is marijuana still a Schedule I Controlled Substance by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration?  There is more that needs to be considered and it is all in our heads.  As we identify the real effect marijuana has on our minds we realize there is much more we need to know. Register

  • SAPAA 2017 (Substance Abuse Program Administrator Association)

    August 21st – 26th

    Henderson, Nevada

    COO of ASAP, Laura Dashner is speaking at SAPAA on August 24th at 2pm. Please stop by our booth #24 and register to win a prize.

    Each year, SAPAA holds an Annual Conference designed to bring you leading-edge information and ideas in a location that’s enticing and entertaining.  2017’s event, being held August 22–25 at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada, will provide attendees with two jam-packed days of general session topics and opportunities to network with exhibitors and colleagues, flanked by our Training Institute courses that offer in-depth training in current issues. 

  • The Therapeutic Use of the Workplace in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders- presented by, Reed A. Morrison, Ph.D.

    September 13, 2017 at 2pm

    LIVE Webinar

    This webinar will present descriptions and reports of research, historical and current, which investigate the utility of the workplace as a site and modality for treatment, including a discussion of the psychological principles that make it work. The presentation will draw upon the success of the DOT Return-to-Duty Process and research conducted by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Learning and Health in collaboration with American Substance Abuse Professionals a nationwide SAP services provider.

  • EAPA 2017 (International EAP Association)

    October 3-6, 2017

    Los Angeles, CA

    Each year, EAPA hosts the world's largest conference devoted to employee assistance, bringing together EA leaders and professionals from around the world to share their knowledge and experience and to help identify and shape trends for the future.

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