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Positive Drug Test?


ASAP offers quality DOT SAP evaluations and case management services. Our trained and knowledgeable staff work to ensure that each DOT SAP evaluation and case is handled efficiently and according to DOT regulations.

A Quality Network of Care

ASAP offers SAP and SAE services in over 5000 locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The ASAP credentialing team ensures documentation of updated licensure/certification, qualification training, and continuing education for all ASAP providers. We are committed to providing uncompromised customer service and support to our clients, employees, and providers.

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Join the ASAP Provider Network

Join the leading  nationwide SAP/SAE Provider Network , offering a support system and valuable insight into DOT/NRC regulations.

Do I need a SAP?

85% of individuals who participate in ASAP programs successfully complete treatment/education and return to work safely.
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NASW, EACC, & CCDAPP Approved Provider Courses

ASAP creates and delivers online courses designed to support the professional growth of the SAP/SAE and satisfy licensure, certificate and qualification requirements for continuing education.


NASW Approved