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Accredited - ASAP courses are approved by the NASW and CEAP (EAPA) for CEU credit. All ASAP online CEU courses meet the requirements for SAP continuing education as stated in 40 CFR Part 40.281 (d)-  Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol testing Programs and the Return-to-Duty Process.  The National Association of Social Workers and the EACC have approved these courses for continuing education contact hours.

Learner Friendly- Available through any web browser at any time; navigation through the curriculum is simple enough for even the novice computer user.

Self-paced - Identify your own milestones to match your unique learning style.

Self-motivating - Assessment testing provides feedback, guides the learning pace and helps you track progress, while the note-taking function allows questions and insights to be recorded and saved.

Valuable Resources - Embedded printable resources and tip sheets permit easy referencing of learned materials. Critical web links are incorporated, including links to exclusive discounts on available DOT SAP examination options.

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  • Substance Abuse Expert Continuing Education Training

    12 CEUs


    This course is designed to meet the requirements of 26.187(e) for SAE re-qualification training. Participants will learn about new technologies and developments in addiction and addiction treatment, as well as code interpretations and rule changes that have become effective over the last 3 years.

    Please note that an NRC Licensee may ask to review your SAE training and exam before approving you to consult with its employees. Please contact Nicole Hanratty for questions, as well as an updated list of reviewers

  • SAP Online

    16 CEUs


    Start your SAP career with SAP OnlineTM. Satisfy SAP training qualification requirements for DOT Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs; includes training on the nine required components of 281 (c) of CFR 49 Part 40 as stipulated in the SAP Guidelines.

    Course only - Qualification Exam NOT Included.

  • SAE Qualification Course

    20 CEUs


    Start your Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) career with our SAE qualification training and exam. The ASAP SAE training curriculum addresses the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) training requirements of Section 7.11.d, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 03-04, Guidelines for Plant Access Training, System Administrator Bulletin 2009-17 Revision to SAE Training Objectives and 10 CFR 26.187(c)(2) and (3) and (d).

    Please note that an NRC Licensee may ask to review your SAE training and exam before approving you to consult with its employees. Please contact Nicole Hanratty for questions, as well as an updated list of reviewers

  • SAP Refresher Course

    12 CEUs


    This course provides Substance Abuse Professionals with a review of relevant DOT drug and alcohol testing rules, an overview of changes to the regulations in the past 2 years and clarification of commonly encountered DOT Operating Administration (Mode) specific regulatory questions. Covered topics include: 49 CFR Part 40 Subparts A-N, Subpart O, and the regulations as applied to the DOT Modes.

  • Understanding the DOT Modes

    6 CEUs


    The drug and alcohol testing regulations of the Department of Transportation’s six Operating Administrations (AKA the “Modes”) aim to elucidate, but can confuse and confound the well-intentioned SAP. This course sifts through regulatory minutia and makes the most useful information available and understandable.

  • Pitfalls of Practice

    6 CEUs


    SAP practice, usually straightforward and rewarding, can at times be daunting in complexity. Our “Pitfalls” course supplies expert information and guidance for those moments when clarity is elusive.

  • The Adventures of Sandra Sapp

    6 CEUs


    Follow the intrepid Substance Abuse Professional, Sandra Sapp, through the twists and turns of her fictitious practice. Her adventures compose a challenging, entertaining and educational casebook for the advanced SAP.

  • The DOT Return-to-Duty Process: An Optimal Environment for Treatment

    6 CEUs


    The DOT SAP Return-to-duty process does provide a powerful superstructure that organizes and optimizes a strategically sequenced evaluation, treatment and follow-up regimen. This training makes the case that this superstructure falls within the domain of a Contingency Management (CM) intervention environment. It documents and describes the Return-to-Duty process in CM intervention terms and offers explanations for its high treatment completion rates.

  • Inside the SAP Evaluation

    6 CEUs


    Go Inside the SAP Evaluation to sharpen your SAP clinical evaluation tools. It's a clinical refresher for the SAP who can benefit from a review of basic methodologies and procedures for clinical decision making. Go Inside the SAP Evaluation to make sure your next evaluation represents your best professional effort.

  • The New Paradigm and the DOT SAP Return To Duty Process: An Interview with Sandra Sapp

    6 CEUs


    This course contends that the "what" and "where" of treatment may be less important then the "how." It presents the DOT/SAP Return-To-Duty process as a procedural framework that can make nearly any treatment recommendation powerful and effective. The format is an imagined interview of a fictitious SAP by a fictional magazine

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